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A weapon is a tool used to apply force for the purpose of causing harm or damage to persons, animals or structures. A gun, a sword, an axe, etc.

In TiS, weapons can be anything from firearms to chairs (with a laser sight), grenade launchers, cursed swords, whips, broken bottles, miniguns, not-entirely tribute bolter weaponry, chainsaws... pretty much if Jasdac thought it was a cool weapon concept, it was added.


During the tutorial, you will be given a selection of starter weapons.

All weapons in the game must be rezzed to the ground, then you have to copy and paste the provided code into local chat, it has to be like this due to SL limitations. You must be wearing the HUD. If you lose your weapon you can recover it by logging into the TiS website and clicking MyProfile then you go to the Weapon Vault. If the weapon is higher than your level then it cannot be used till you are the level that weapon requires.

Enter Mouselook by scrolling your mouse wheel forward or press M on the keyboard with your chat box closed. Left click to fire the weapon. Press R to reload (With the provided gesture activated) or wait for the mag to be fully empty then your weapon will auto reload.

Your ammo is displayed at the bottom right corner of the TiS hud. Ammo can be bought at the TiS vendor (which can be rezzed from the hud), or it can be found on dead monsters or in containers. Unlike the rest, Energy ammo can not be found. Only bought. Each weapon you get during your plays through TiS will most likely have different stats vs. another.


There are four types of weapon rarities.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

You can check the stats on a weapon that you own by clicking it, or reading the text on a weapon token before opening (left clicking) it. Weapon stats are categorized by damage, damage per second, accuracy, mag size, and reload speed. Higher level weapons are more likely to have better stats then others. Same with rarity type.. A rare weapon would more likely have greater stats than a common one. Such as one may have a larger mag size than another.

Always check and compare the weapon stats.

Same as ammo, a weapon can be dropped by a monster, or bought from the rezzable vendor.

Types of weapons

With the exception of some legendary weapons, they come in four categories.

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Energy

Each type uses a different kind of ammo. Energy ammo is the hardest to acquire, and you can hold a substantial amount less then the other types. This is to balance out the fact that they are slightly more powerful then the other weapon types.

There are also different manufacturers of weapons. This has no real effect on stats but as they are designed by different persons they each have a different visual style.


All players can perform a base-melee attack by pressing space bar(With the provided gesture activated). The melee attack is handy for when you run out of ammo or monsters get to close for guns to be effective. Melee is also preferable for breaking free other players from monsters if you have a slow weapon or are concerned about running out of ammo.

While not weapons in themselves some effect/buff giving items that modify Melee stats are made to resemble melee weapons. These weapons can be bought at the TiS store in the vendor, either with L$ or Event Points. Melee boosting items have also dropped as event items in the past.

Some players use a strategy where they stack melee buff effects and use the melee attack as their primary weapon. This is only effective at a higher level after acquiring many hard to find items. The effectiveness of this strategy has decreased since Melee has been nerfed a few times.

As of 1.060, the Pornstar Diva class subtype relies on this attack striking the back area of the enemy to do the most damage. However, some enemies can have thier back area struck from other sides. This can be tricky for a beginner diva however,and works best when utilizing the Diva's skills in tandem with each other.

Melee Weapon

With the addition of 1.060, Melee Weapons were added to the system, and stats were changed for classes to take advantage of the new weapons, most particularly the Pimp Palm and Furry Feral classes. Melee weapons are similar to guns, but will only swing with each click instead of just holding it down.


Several weapons have variants, especially Epic and Rare weapons. Pretty much if it's not named just Pistol, Rifle, Energy Weapon or Shotgun, it's a variant of the base stats. Several of the common variants are below.

Pistol Variants

  • Swatter
  • Heavy Pistol: A strong but slow variant of the pistol.
  • Machine Pistol: A very fast variant of the pistol.
  • Bolt Pistol: Rare variant only available at Level 30. Can pierce enemies and damage up to 3 of them.

Shotgun Variants

  • Speedy
  • Balanced
  • Loaded

Rifle Variants

  • Endless
  • Speedy
  • Accurate

Energy Weapon Variants

  • Zapper
  • Hyperblaster

Wooden Sword

  • Varnished
  • Standard
  • Sturdy

Chainsword, Wine Bottle, Whip, Energy Knife, Phantomblade, Iron Pick

  • Portable
  • Dense
  • Bulky
  • Medium
  • Simple
  • Speedy
  • Lightweight
  • Standard

Stinger Brand...?

There is a selection of weapons, called 'Epic Stinger Mk. (Level)00' that can appear during your standard playthrough. Stingers are powerful, average-balanced rifle weapons. They are not sold under the usual TiS Brands that most weapons (including Legendaries) are made from. This could suggest either a 'Black Market' in the TiS weapon system or a vendor group that is either in progress or yet to exist in TiS lore. Either way, Stingers are not available in the vendor and can only be gained as drops.

More information can be found on the Stinger Rifle Mk. Series page.

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