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TiS runs on three types of currency:

  • TiS-Dollars: TiS-Bucks, or simply TiS$, is used for purchasing ingame items such as Ingredients and Weapons, as well as Shield powerups. TiS$ cannot be used to purchase other items. TiS-Dollars are gained by killing monsters, searching missions, and selling and scrapping Crafting goods and weapons.
  • Event Points: Event Points, or EP, are used in place of Linden to purchase certain types of extra equipment, as well as Pets. EP can't be transfered into TiS$, and cannot be transfered into L$. EP is gained at the rate of 1 for for the first mission completed in a 24-hour period. Event points may also be gained be participating in special events or given out manually by GMs for various reasons.
  • Linden Dollars: Linden, shortened to L$, is the main currency of SL and is used to purchase items at the main TiS vendor, as well as the TiS core in general. L$ can't purchase TiS$ items, but EP can be used in place of L$ for a majority of the items L$ can buy.