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Pet name L$ price EP price Info
Chrome kart L$ 300 10 EP When eating food past 0 closeness, those closeness points get stored in the chrome kart (up to 100 points). You can click the kart to use the points when you need them.
Sir Eyingbottom L$ 300 10 EP When a monster is killed, Sir Eyingbottom will gain power for one minute. Each point of power gives you 1% dodge chance 2% Melee crit chance 5% Accuracy. Stacks up to 10 times.
Seany The Hyperactive Squirrel L$ 500 17 EP follows you around. Every 3 min he will acquire a coffee mug. You can steal this from himto get caffeinated and get increased reloadspeed, melee crit-chance and clear 20 closeness. Beware though. He might bite and utilizes quite a foul language.
Cakedogg L$ 300 10 EP Follows you around, every 2 minutes you can click it to get a cake that clears 50 closeness points.
Presentcat L$ 300 10 EP Follows you around, every 3 minutes a present will appear on it's head. Click it to get a present of 200 bullets of all kinds
Mr. Tentacle L$ 300 10 EP Follows you around, and Gives you MT's bargain. Which makes breakfree time 30% longer, but clears 5% closeness per 5 sec out of combat..
Unstable Rift L$ 300 10 EP The unstable rift will have a random effect every 2 minutes. Who knows what will happen?
Tiny Necro L$ 300 10 EP The tiny necro will feed on your shield every minute until he is satisfied. At that point you can click him to get rezzed or clear all closeness.
Commie Crab L$ 300 10 EP This (very) red crab will collect nearby money and ammo, and split the ammo evenly between all nearby players, but give the money to his owner.
RPE-U L$ 300 10 EP This cute little bot will follow you around and provide you with a money-searching aura, increasing money gain from monsters and crates. It will also provide you with a strong light if you click it.
Sicklemonster L$ 300 10 EP Charges 10 closeness every minute. You can click him to use the current charge to clear closeness. Stacks up to 100 closeness.
Dastardly Candycane L$ 300 10 EP Can give candy rush every 5 min, increasing reload speed by 80% and clearing 20 closeness.
Turkey L$ 300 10 EP Follows you around, has a 1/7 chance to peck you free instantly when you get raped.
Ghost L$ 300 10 EP Has a chance to give you a special ectoplasm potion when you kill a monster. (Max every 10 min
Pumpkin L$ 300 10 EP When you kill a monster, the pumpkin has a small chance to give you a special candy gatherer item.
Spider L$ 300 10 EP You can click it every 3 min to summon a protective web, decreasing damage taken by 40% but lowering movement speed.