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About TiS

TiS also know as Tentacles in Space is an action, RPS (Role Playing Shooter) combining first and third-person shooting action accessible role-playing character progression for an adult public. It features solo or co-op missions through various maps using the popular online world SecondLife.

Play as one of the four classes, and find a massive range of weaponry. The game also features gathering and crafting. Collect ingredients and materials and make your own potions and equipment to survive.

There are lots of monsters and all have different poses and abilities. Collect achievements for rewards or to show off!

Play progressively at your own pace, the HUD lets you choose difficulty depending on your preference; 1 for the casual player, 4 for the hardcore nut, or anything in between. Collect money, ammo and Event Points. And don't forget about your personal robot called FRIEnD.

The game even comes with customizable content, free Devtool and plug-ins, giving you the opportunity to create your very own missions, monsters, weapons or gear to share with a solid and friendly community. If you are tired of the missions: Make your own! Content is regularly released by both the TiS team and the community.

There's even special Pets you can buy for Event Points or linden dollars, that do special things to help you along the way!

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