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Extensive help can be found online and in Second Life.

The Wiki

This wiki contains detailed information on all subjects. But is not good for discussions.

Good places to start are the list on the main page, and Beginner Information.

Try using the search feature on the left to look for items, missions and monsters.

The Forum

The forum is the designated area for suggestions, bug reporting and many other things. We also have many fun topics such as TiS fan art and roleplay.

"TiS Game" SL Group

Click here to join in Second Life: secondlife:///app/group/23dd97a3-dd75-8902-f0a0-932f12f2532f/about

The official chat channel. Lots of friendly and helpful (and perverted) people. Often off topic, don't be afraid to jump in if you need help. Game Masters pay close attention to the group chat.

Game Masters

If you can't get help anywhere else contact a GM. You normally should not need to contact one directly as they participate in both the forums and Group Chat.