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The FRIEnD, Furry Robotic Intelligent Entertainment-N Droid

The Furry Robotic Intelligent Entertainment-N Droid is your info giving helper in the game. You can hit the FRIEnD button on your hud to rez him , then ask him for a tip, hug, or to define a game term

Hug : Will make the FRIEnD hug you.
Tip : Will get a tip about TiS.
Define name/word : will give info about the name or word you provide.
Example : define jasdac
FRIEnD: jasdac: Jasdac is the lead developer and creator of TiS.

Trivia: Did you know you can set custom definitions on your profile page?

if you say "hug" he will hug you. People wish for a rape version.

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