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This is a good place to start looking for basic guides and scripts that will help you create content for TiS.

What can I submit? Anything really through the player-content page ([1]). Though if you want things added officially, I accept:

  • Weapons
  • Clothes & Trinkets
  • Missions

If you want to submit an item to be added officially, put the item(s) on a notecard with a description of the item and what you wish for the item to do. Then send it to Jasdac Stockholm. Keep in mind it might take a while before your item is publicly hosted. Use this page and the forum for more help.

Main documentation

  • TiSQuery Query the server directly to get info about players.
  • MonsterMod Learn how to modify monster behavior and make them more interactive.
  • ChatMessages How to communicate with the TiS HUD.


Mission Tutorial

Public Scripts

You can find free scripts and snippets here.

List of "how do I.."

Here is a list with quick references on how to do various things! If you see some redtexted, do fill in that page if you can. If you want to add a tutorial or want to know how to.. add a page here as well! Use the prefix howto_<guide>

How do I...