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In the world of TiS, each weapon the player wields are made by various fictional brandnames. Each brand has a focus over the others of various stats for thier weapons. However, each weapon manufacturer also purchases several types of weapons that may overlap with another specilization. For example, a Pewtron Endless Rifle.


Criss2 is a weapon maker that specializes in high speed. Though speed means higher DPS, it also means you run out of bullets much quicker.

  • Criss2 also seems to invest in technology based off of the Warhammer 40k franchise, including Bolter weaponry, chainswords, and a powerfist.
  • Criss2 does have some non-40k inspired creations under it's belt, including the Energy Knife and Rocket Launcher.


ICWT is in TiS a weapons-maker that specializes in quick reloadspeed.

  • ICWT is one of the few brands to not actively get involved with Legendary Weapon construction, having no Legendaries to thier name, and either very few or no uniqe rares or epics.


JasX is in TiS a company that specializes in accurate guns. Considering the creator of TiS's name, it's not much a stretch to think this is his personal brand he works with.

  • JasX's branding is a part of a predominance of the mission's names, further cementing Jasdac's involvement with the company.
  • JasX seems to have a melee weapon division as well, having created the Phantomblade form of weaponry in that section.


Pewton is in TiS a weapons-maker that specializes in heavy damage in front of anything else. Pewton also is the only manufacturer of basic Energy weapons.

  • Pewton's energy armamemnts usually focus on small amount of shots but high damage, perfectly fitting the brandname.
  • Pewton also seems to have a wine company, if only to sell the broken refuse of champagne bottles for bludgeoning devices.
  • In the world of endgame melee weapons, the Pewton Tech-Axe shows up, involving slow swing but a powerful strike generally.


Novality is in TiS a weapons maker that specializes in large ammo capacity. They also are one of the more profilic brands, involving no less then 3 uniqe brand-only varients and a special series of legendaries spanning the 3 common varients.

  • Novality's special brand armaments fire fast and hit relatively hard, making the extra ammo capacity with thier special designs a unique bonus.


TiS's arms race isn't just left to the main five brands. Other secondary brands, such as Stinger, or one-sot designs like the Classic Hunter show up every so often in the rare and above range of weapons, especially where melee is concerned.

  • One of the more common Epic varient brands is Stinger, who has a single gun per level, a balanced-stat rifle that is extremely effective.
  • Most low-level melee weaponry also sits the trend of non-brand, if only because firearm companies aren't often used to create mining picks and cursed demon swords.