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This is a page designed for new arrivals to the TiS system, and how to get started in it. Those who are more skilled in the system, please help by keeping the information here as current as possible.

What is TiS?

TiS, or Tentacles in Space, is a first-person shooter game, with some of it's core gameplay mechanics blending between a huge weapon collection (ala Borderlands), tons of status effects, a complex Crafting system, and of course a wide viraity of tentacle monsters that act as your foes. Players rez out a map, and complete missions on it, gaining ingame credit and various uniqe items.

How It Works

On the player's end, they have two major stats they must worry about: Shield and Closeness. Monsters will erode the shields of players, and when the Shield is depleted, the monster will conduct a rape animation, raising the player's Closeness. When the player runs out of Closeness, they will feint, requiring either a player or item to revive them, or they will respawn at the start with a small loss of T-Credit.

Getting Started

Some things you'll want to do upon first joining TiS:

  • 1. Join the webpage! This is pivotal to controling most of the aspects of TiS. This is also where you'll find major news and can get support, as well as most of the operation instructions for the controls.
  • 2. Make friends! Other players not only group up for missions to get more goodies faster, but will often help new players out.
  • 3. Ask FRIEnD! FRIEnD is accessable via the HUD and will allow you to ask for definitions of various terms, as well as tips.

Tutorial Missions

There are two missions that will help characters to get started.

  • TiS Tutorial: Coming default in the TiS Core, the TiS Tutorial should be the first thing you should rez. It tells you the basic information, gives you starter guns, and sets up various other information for a long and happy run through TiS.
  • JasX Hotel: JasX Hotel is designed to be a player's 'first mission', with plenty of mission nodes and a lot of Oozefiends and Defilers, the most basic of enemies you will meet. Additionally, the mission features plenty of signs to help clarify information each step of the way.