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Alchemy is the system that players use to create extra items, including rezzables, stat-boosting equipment, and other items the players may enjoy.

How it Works

At level 10, Players not only get to start adding to thier Talent Tree, but can request the TiS Gatherer. This item will allow you to store and gather ingredients and potions while moving around on missions, or at a gathering location. It will also allow you to combine items together into either better Ingredients, Potions, and Craftables

The HUD and it's Commands

The Gatherer HUD has a few different buttons and commands:

  • Add: Adds the currently selected item to the mixer.
  • Use: If the item is classed as useable, the use button will use that item.
  • Sell/stack: Sells the object, stand next to a TiS-Vend to sell. Click the stack button under sell to sell the entire stack of the selected item. Make sure you wear the TiS main-hud when selling or you won't get any money.
  • Discard/Stack: Discards a single item or a stack of the selected item.
  • Green arrows: Allows you to scroll through the items. Scrolling through the inventory also brings up a list of all your inventory items.
  • Icon of item: Gives you some more info about the item you currently have selected.


To the left of the HUD is the Mixer segment. When a item is added to the mixer via Add, it's icon will appear to the left side. After two or more items are added into it, a Combine option will appear. Hitting Combine on a valid recipie will create the Recipie's end product

If it is not a correct recipie, the Gatherer won't use the items.

Gathering Skill

On the top of the HUD is your gathering skill. You gain skill when you harvest plants and items. Higher skill means you have a higher chance to actually find something useful when harvesting. The maximum skill is 150. This doesn't increase your chance of gaining items from monsters, however.

To harvest a gathering item, stand close to it and click it or pressing the use button (E). Items are generally found in gathering sims or missions. Refer to the front page for vendor-locations. The mining-nodes scattered around certain sims need to be punched or shot to be harvested.

Mix a potion or create an object

In order to do this you should first find a recipe for the item you want to make. You can find a list of recipies at your Recipie section of your profile, or via the right side of the Ingredient Vault, which as a bonus you can create items from there. Not all recipes are listed though. You will just have to look around/try yourself or find a player who knows, or buy the Recipie supplement. When you have done this, follow these steps:

  • Select the ingredient, then click Add. The item gets added to the mix on the left. You can mix between 2 and 4 ingredients at once.
  • Click combine and hopefully the new mixed item gets added to your inventory.
  • Use the potion or item (whenever you wish), the name of the potion will show up on your HUD.

A Craftable will be sent to you from the server, similar to Weapon pickups. Redilivery will come from the Recipie page.

If you go to your ingredient vault you can make potions there directly by clicking the icon for a potion you can make. This only works for potions though and not for craftables.