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Achievements are special things in your profile that show you've accomplished something tedious, humorous, or difficult. In TiS most of them are humorous or relate to some meme or another.

List of achievements

Achievement How to obtain
Crafty! Create a craftable
Do not want! Kill 20 monsters by breaking free.
Endgamer Attain level 30
Gatherer Raise your gathering skill to 150
Japanese Schoolgirl Get raped 5 times in 1 min
Lost Innocence Get molested by a monster.
Major Butthurt Get raped 100 times
Missionary Complete 50 missions
Rampage Kill 10 monsters 2 levels below your level or higher within 20 sec.
Striptease Get declothed 100 times
That dog gives me reason Eat 500 food items made by 7s.
Drunken Brawler Kill 10 monsters with only melee attacks while drunk.
First there will be rape... Eat a cake within 10 sec after being raped.
Mixologist Create 100 things with the gatherer.
Rule 34 Take a snapshot within 10 sec of a friend getting raped.
Speed-dating Break free from a monster within 5 sec of getting raped 20 times.
The Reanimator Revive 5 passed out friends